ps3 and dac, The future?


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Aug 10, 2019
Friday is pay day and i will finally have the cash for my new cyrus 8x cdp that will partner my cyrus 8 amp and b&wcm2 speakers, I cant belive im even considering this but hey-ho.... BuY a ps3 with a half decent dac such as the (Beresford) or something better and wave goodbye to dedicated cd playback. The ps3 is a multi media machine that can hold an awful lot of music plus it plays blu-ray's, Games and from one box! More people are doing this kind of thing, or are chooseing music servers with good dac's as there main source for music, things are changeing people! If i do go for the cyrus it will be my last cdp as the format is in a slow decline that will create a small scene much like we have now with lp's. I hate change, it scares me, i still long for the days when chuckle vision was funny and snickers were called (marathon) bar. That world is long gone and so has the notion that we need lots of different boxes to do the same job. I have a feeling your replys will influence my choice come friday.


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Oct 8, 2007
"I hate change, it scares me, i still long for the days when chuckle vision was funny and snickers were called (marathon) bar." i know how you feel, im getting all misty eyed. im not as good at all this stuff as fr0g, but i run everyhting from my pc, with on-board sound. Now, i suspect i could be happier with the sound im getting, but until i figure out how to get there in my listening room and on my budget, im happy enough, and almost certainly wont ever buy a cdp (ive had some, of course, but that was in the days before we had pcs in every hom, and before i went hifi (albeit low-end), as opposed to bog standard high street stuff. Anyway, hope that helps strengthen your resolve. damned paragraph formatting!


I think its really case of what matters, music is the most important thing in the world to me more than movies games or free sites with adult content, i want the best playback i can get for my music, the ps3 is a good all round machine that i will invest in at some point, for the moment i will buy my cyrus 8x as planned and sit in pants and t-shirt with a bit of (come on eileen playing) For a moment i was lost....... i will stick with my hi-fi!


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