Problem with new Samsung PS##D8000 Firmware update


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Aug 10, 2019
Be very Weary of this update (T-GAP8DEUC-1018.1 - as listed on the site), I have the PS64D8000 and it has risen my black levels, lowered my peak white levels and introduced floating blacks. In a nutshell, when I am watching 2.35:1 letterboxed movies the black bars keep changing brightness, turning dark grey, then black again. This is rather annoying and I have seen reports, especially in America, of these changes ocuuring across the how D series plasma range. I am not the only one. The PQ is quite radically changed, so any calibration will need to be re-done :(

If you want to test the FB's for yourself, watch a letterbox movie, make sure the Blu-ray is outputting 24p (more noticeable on this and I haven't noticed it on 50hz yet) and make sure Cinema smooth is of (changes out-put to 60hz when on and raises blacks anyway). I have seen them on Inception, Dark Knight, Braveheart, insidious and Halloween.

This IMO is unacceptable and I would really love to turn back the clock and not update my set. In fact does anyone know how to revert back to an old F/W? Is this even possible?


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Nov 13, 2009
Hi gaz2810i.

For reverting to a previous firmware I think the only option is a Samsung engineer. I have a D7000 and am having issues with Audio Return Channel. It did work when I first got my TV then stopped working - the only sensible argument I can really think of is the firmware updates that I did soon after getting the TV caused the issues.

I've been sending a few messages back and forth with Samsung and they've suggested an engineer callout to revert the firmware to see if that's the problem. This makes me assume there's no way I can do it.

Maybe with one of these remotes that get to the service menu though..?