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Powerfull install for 5K


Dec 1, 2019
Dear What HiFi members

I am posting a noob thread for which I apologize.

I need some guidance buying a new setup, because of my professional activities I lack the time to dive into the process of reading 500 reviews, even though I would very much enjoy that.

I currently have a pair of klipsch RF82 speakers on an NADC352 in my living room and a pair of B&W 685s2 on a NAD D3020 paired with a powerful klipsch 12" active 12" sub in my home office.

I am looking to equip a basement room of 8x8m with a powerfull install. I want to use it for casual use but also for some rougher work, an occasional party with drumnbass, and even hardcore techno. On the other side i will be using it mostly listening to classical music while working.

I have a budget of +/- 5k euro and i am hesitating to go PA or HIFI. I must say I terribly enjoy the sq of my b&w speakers, even if they are a bit underpowered now.

What do you think ? Will a PA system with this value give me also some sq to enjoy at a low volume ? On the other side, will a hifi install pack the punch to rock the basement ?

Please comment freely.

Thanks in advance
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