Please give your comments on which TV/5.1 system


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Aug 10, 2019
I will buy either a 37/42 Panasonic or a Sony KDL40D3000, assuming both are okay for occasional use of a laptop for showing photos, which one depends on what 5.1 system I should buy because I want same make advantages.

The 5.1 system would replace our Technics surround sound stereo - unless the view is that for audio use such systems are so bad that we should stick with our Technics (connected to the new TV). I would look to pay no mOre than £600 for the 5.1 system IE separates are out of the question.

So, which TV/5.1 system should I buy?


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Aug 11, 2007
Panasonic or Sony means a straight choice between Plasma v LCD - which is purely a personal decision ...plasma has the edge....and if I had £600 to spend on a 5.1 system I'd go for a used 5.1 receiver (plenty decent cheap ones available on ebay as people are upgrading to the newer upscaling/dolby HD versions) you'd still have enough left for some decent smaller used speakers + a subwoofer..

...would definately beat an "one box system" in the sound quality stakes in my opinion (if not so "chic" to look at!)


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