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Jan 18, 2022

I am searching for good ideas, platform, spikes, antivibration for 2 power amps, iam going to have on the floor.
The power amps weight, is 25 kilograms piece.

help pleace.
I use platform and feet from Solidair, and can recommend them very highly indeed. They use neodymium magnets to isolate completely, owner is called Miles and is very helpful. Their gear drives out vibration like nothing else I have tried, and is fairly-priced in my view:

Ukishima Heavy Platform - A level adjustable with 35Kg capacity - Solid Air Audio HiFi Isolation platform

EDIT: If you use these, it's worth seeing if the weight in your amps is distributed evenly beforehand. If they have a weightier corner, that might need a more powerful magnet in the foot that would support it - all easily done.
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You're more than welcome...

(Don't you just love it when people ask a question and either don't bother coming back or replying? Makes it feel worth the effort...)
It often happens - with first-time poster's. Mind you, it was only 3 days ago and there may be a good reason. Some wait to get a few replies before coming back don't they?
But it does certainly seem like time wasted.



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