plasma are back


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Aug 10, 2019
its a amazing thing that if you ask someone who gets there info from say comet, what tv would you go for next?

you kind of get this wide eyed look before they say something like "one of those led ones with the glasses thats really thin, they are great" and you kind of back away with "yeh thanks mate"

And i suppose they are a bit yesterday with there logic, but are we all going back to the start of flat screans with our new reviews? I think that after the giant pioneer kuro plasma (around £2200) tvs have had a hard act to follow, and plasmas where put on the back burner but now i would have to make my new tv a plasma, what with the size of tv you can have with such a small budget and the fact of 3d being better than on an lcd.

Along with 600hz motion on most and deep blacks giving a lush involving picture, my only gripe is in the last group test i feel that i would have like to have seen the samsung 51d550 given a run out seen as its got full hd over the lesser 51d495 and i have found it for around £669 on the net or the 59" model at around £1185 (please review this soon)

so will the next big flat screan you buy not just the best but the cheapest ever ?


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Jun 13, 2008
I might have missed something, but was plasma ever out?

But as already stated, buy the TV with the best picture regardles of tech. For me plasma is still superior, but that might change. At some point OLED comes around ;)


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Oct 14, 2007
Plasma back ? It was never out... best format for sport and movies... is there any other ? Better black levels etc, lcd are great for small format ie: computer screens. :|


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