Patience, running in and system balance


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In the stylee of having a Horlicks (Guinness) hour belting out some random 100 tracks playlist..... Some songs I know well having played them many times over the years, others are the dusty cobwebbed songs that have sat forlorn in the corner of my collection.

Each and every one of them is a revelation, each song is almost a new band playing, a new tune. After what must be now about 100 hours running in the mighty D18s are so much sweeter and musical than they were when I got them. I'm sure the M2 "might" have improved with age too, but I am, or my ears are sceptical of that; hell, maybe even the dacmagic plus has upped its' game a litle too! Nevertheless, the music I am hearing is at times breathtaking, in its scale and delicacy. I understand what the fuss is all about, such a vast improvement over the Spendors, and they were beautiful at times also to my ears. I'm thankful for the advice to stick with building a system around them!


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Aug 21, 2009
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Steve, I'm delighted that you are now reaping the reward of the Proacs.

I also think your upgrade plans mentioned on a different thread, will be another leap forward, while also maintaining the balance of your system.


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