Panasonic Viera TV connection issues


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Aug 10, 2019
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Last week I took delivery of a Panasonic Viera TX-L37DT30 TV; there are a huge number of connection ports on the TV but I am having difficulties with some of them. The HDMI's are all ok but the USB's will not recognise any media I plug in i.e. memory stick and iPhone. I also cannot get it to connect to the internet.

I want to be able to access Youtube etc which I believe is possible???

I have tried connecting a LAN cable from the TV to the Broadband filter and from the TV my SkyBroadband box. It will not recognise a connection. What I have noticed is that when I plug the TV into the filter I lose my phone line connection; has anyone else experienced this?

I am interested to know if anyone has managed to connect to the internet with a wired connection or is a dongle required for the wifi? If I cannot get the cable connection working I am not prepared to pay additional money to 'upgrade' to the wifi as I believe it is a bit of a con if a bit of kit is designed to get you to spend more money to get the functions it is advertising as available.

Can anyone help??

michael hoy

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The ethernet socket on the back of the TV should be connected by:

1. Direct connection to your router.

2. Using an ethernet port wireless convertor (bridge), which will have one or more ethernet ports.

Anything on the lines of this.

Or use the USB wireless dongle instead.


I've just bought a Viera (haven't got the model no. with me) and I connected to my network using a D-Link DHP-307AV/B 200 MBPS PowerLine Homeplug AV Network Starter Kit (this isn't the brand I used but again I'm not at home at the moment). It works really well - plug one unit into a socket next to the router then connect to the router using cable provided. Plug in second unit next to the TV then run cable from it into the ethernet socket on set.

I did have problems accessing the internet last night when, even though the TV showed I had a connection I couldn't get any online apps. They did come back later in the evening however. The set up cost me about £30 and seems much more reliable than a dongle which costs more and might not give a good connection.

I was interested that you have had the same problem as me with USB devices not being recognised. This happened to me and I can't find the solution. Did you manage to sort it out?