Onkyo's new AVR brings 'studio-grade audio' to the home


Mar 28, 2024
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The Onkyo TX-RZ70 isn't cheap, but it looks like a do-it-all AV solution for all your home cinema and listening needs.

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OK so where to start after buying one of these?
Man it's a heavy beast, and very very long.. I had to literally cut the back out of my cabinet and it still sticks out at both ends, but at least I have great access the the enormous amount of cabling.
Dirac LIVE setup was easy using the app, and if I belive the graphs it has ironed out response frequency issues with my middle of the road Yamaha 555/444/333 speakers.

I got this to run a home theatre 4k/120hz from an xbox, with an Epson LS12000 projector on MAIN, and Zone2 has a pair of stereo speakers at a desk for my PC and gaming needs when I'm not using the "big screen".
This is where I hit hiccup number 1. The amp does not accept/process 1440P (2560x1440) signals which are perfectly standard to PC users on 27 or 32" screens, and the same for Xbox, but apparently not known to the movie crowd. It supports 720P / 1920P/120 , skips 1440P, and supports 4k/120.

I did reach out to Onkyo support, and the response was frankly terrible "we've spoken to the engineering team and the unit does not support this resolution, you should have done your research before buying".

I have been flamed posting about this in other places, but as I HAD done my research and found literally nothing anywhere indicating this would be an issue, I felt I should make some posts so that anyone in my position knows about this ?limitation? / "feature". 4k/60 will work with my screen , albeit needing to scale down and causing some lag.. so I've been using 1080P/120. Surviveable.

What is upsetting is 14 days into ownership (and about 4 days of use) the internal fans started making a clacking noise like they're catching on an internal wire. So, $4300 AUD for this unit and it does look like I'll have to lug it back to the store, who will most likely try to palm me off with a repair (i.e. someone is going to poke about inside my brand new unit and give it me back, hopefully fixed). I've not decided what to do about that yet, but I am wishing I'd bought the Yamaha Aventage instead...

I hate to say this but I had the Yamaha RX-V6A before at $899 off amazon , and it sounded much much better for music than this onkyo does. Perhaps this was just a better match for my midrange speakers but that's an area I can upgrade in the future and perhaps end up with a better result.


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