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Aug 10, 2019
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I have recently purchased an Onkyo TX-NR609 and have just about got to grips with the setup.

I still have 2 queries which I hope someone can answer.

Firstly when I have been using it to watch SKY and then switch to the NET input, it doesnt connect unless I power the amp off and start it up again. Has anyone else found this and is there something I am doing wrong.

Secondly, I have a WD TV Live which has an atached USB drive. On the drive are 96khz/24bit audio files.

If I play these and use the surround speakers the display on the front says 96khz.

In want to send the audio from the Onkyo to my HiFi setup.

If on the Onkyo I mute the surround speakers and in Setup I switch TV Speakers ON, the display says 48khz.

My question is, are the files being downsampled to send to the TV.

I can play the 96khz files using a USB drive connected directly to the AV amp and using Zone 2 connected to my HiFi amp.

This is the only workaround I have been able to devise.

Has anyone any ideas.


I need use the TV to send audio from the Onkyo (via HDMI) to my hifi as the Onkyo does not supply Zone 2 with audio converted to analouge from any digital input.

So my WD TV live is connected to the Onkyo via HDMI ....then the Onkyo is connected to the TV via HDMI.....the audio from the WD TV Live therefore is passed to the Onkyo then to the TV then from the TV audio out to my HiFi.

The only way I can get 96khz audio directly from the Onkyo to the Hifi is to use a USB drive connected to the Onkyo and the use Zone 2 output connected to my Hifi.


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