Oh dear (iPad in China)!

It probably is just a part of negotiations between Apple & Proview. Apple has lost its iPad trademark in China. Interesting to note that Proview sold its iPad global trademark to Apple for a mere £35000. Looks like it wants to make amends for it. After all, China can potentially become Apple's biggest market.

FrankHarveyHiFi said:
And could become its largest counterfeiter of their goods too!

It already is! :)


Despite that, China will become Apple's largest consumer base.



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Their parent companies market cap is $155 million HK, which is about £13 million pounds, so really don't think they will win that much. There is an easy way of making this problem go away :)


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Not really sure tbh, dont know how the rules work in HK. Hostile takeovers are possible without board approval, one way is making an offer too good to refuse for the shareholders... The Board of any company represents the shareholders interest, and can be over ruled by a majority of shareholders. £13 million is small beans to Apple, and they could make an offer agreeable to the shareholders.

I sort of ment it toung in cheek though, dont believe it will go that far.