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Oh dear for the new Samsung flagship 2020!


So demoed all of the new 8K Samsung TVs today and they were really good but no better than last year in my view. 4000 nits still but extra slim bezel on the Samsung Q950TS. 4000 nits is the same as last year too. They are going to release a 55-inch in the 800 TV and I have to say native 8K is very good on my Samsung 55-inch too. YouTube 8K video was ok but I thought looked better on my Q950R on the USB 8K content much brighter but Samsung have new picture settings this year and they had it on bright mode in the shop Instead of the normal dynamic Like last year So perhaps that was why.


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Oct 29, 2019
Lol, they suit some people (they sell enough) but they need to do something about the brightness. You can spot a Samsung TV on display a country mile away.
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Every Samsung TV is too bright no matter what you do,awful things.
That’s the dream though eg the new MicroLEDs that everyone thinks is going to be wonderful - it has a very bright screen with incredible blacks. Besides movie mode is very natural and for HDR it’s the best TV going.



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