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Mar 23, 2021
about what i´m hearing now, i´ve been listening to some 80´s records the "blah blah blah" from iggy pop and "So" from peter grabriel ,this decade as a especial type of production ,normally to much high´s but there´s some records with excelent production a litle appart from mainstream like "soul mining" from The The and the new at the time sisters of mercy ´s "floodland" ,i´m using to listen a technics SL-3310 with original cartridge and stylus ,the eps-270es with a pioneer amp ,the sa-608 from 78 and a pair of tanoy´s 605 , a very good phono stage in this amp , in the models after 1990 till today there are good phono stages but rare to find this excluding high-end models from very expensive brands but i have to say that sony in 94 released and i bought a 590ES and not being a fan of sony for several problems with diferent components i was amazed by it´s phono stage it gave a very detailed sound with a 74 pioneer turntable i own, but in the manual it says ,this specifications only for U.K. and Portugal (sony does this in several components, like the deck 611 with dolby S in Portugal the deck was far from the model showed in hi-fi magazines)



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