Noise when using Onkyo 605 as HDMI switch


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Aug 10, 2019
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Hello all,

I am the proud owner of an Onkyo 605 receiver, a Marantz DV 4001 dvd player and a Samsung 32" LCD TV (LE32S81). I bought a 1.5m goldplated HDMI cable from Hama to connect the dvd player to my screen. Picture quality was good but I was expecting more, my parents 2.5 years old 32" Samsung LCD (LE32R51B) combined with the Samsung HD-850 dvd player and a non-goldplated Hama cable gave the same picture. Some dvd's actually looked better on their system than mine. When I bought the Onkyo receiver I bought another Hama HDMI cable (the same), to be able to use my receiver as a switch. However picture quality has dropped significantly in comparaison to the tv to dvd straight hook-up. (I verified this afterwards just to see if it wasn't my imagination).

Using my Onkyo as a switch between my tv and dvd player: when a screen goes black in a movie, I can see black squares of lighter colour in the black. There is also significantly more noise and more problems with fast motion. This doesn't seem right. Why would people even bother to hook up their players to the receiver and the receiver to their TV if it degrades quality. Reading all these discussions on HDMI cables gives me serious doubts about the quality of my HDMI cables (they cost £ 18 a piece).

Would all this go away when I buy two award winning QED HDMI cables? I wouldn't want to shell out £90 and end up with the same result.

Andrew Everard

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May 30, 2007
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Sounds like signal loss in the cables, rather than the amp switching. I'd try to find a dealer willing to lend you the better HDMI cables and see whether this cures the problem, which I suspect it would.


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