No internet

Pretty sure my Samsung Smartphone has a problem with the internet.

Only typing this with the mobile data switched on. My daughter's phone is working fine, Google Alexa and the streaming channels on the TV are all fine.

No idea what's going on my daughter sat by the modem with my phone, and it just isn't picking up a signal. I've switched it off and back on and still doesn't work.

On Tuesday I'll get the shop where I purchased it to check it out, until then time on here will be limited.

Any ideas?

michael hoy

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Oct 6, 2008
Thanks Michael. Looked at the settings on the phone last night. Checked 'Connections', switched off the wi-fi and switched them all back on again.

My daughter said for some reason our internet setting isn't even showing

Ours is Talktalk.

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You may need to actually find the reset network option not just turn off WiFi.
From the Settings screen, scroll to General management. Tap General management. Tap Reset. Tap Reset network settings.
Do agree that re booting the router may help as well.


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