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Aug 10, 2019
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Want to own a nice pair of speakers mostly for music.
Always loved the BOSE systems, maybe because there was none other at that point and was well advertised.
Now there is so much range and options available and to top it enticing prices….
I have done some demos, did some online reading . Some crib on BOSE, some adore them.

Budget – 5000 AED which is about 1400 USD for speakers, 3000 AED which is about 800 USD for an amp.

  • How important are they that they should be compatible with the speakers. Eg: Harman house sells JBL and Infinity with harman amps while BOSE, jamo, definitive, etc are compatible with onkyo, denon. Or is that immaterial. In terms of amplifiers – Denon vs Onkyo vs Harman kardon. From what I know Denon is good though each one has their own subjective opinions. Denon 2308 vs onkyo ht605 vs Harman 405. I think these are around 3k AED. Do you have suggestions for any other amp that has the right requirements for a long term investment apart from the ones above.

Stereo Speakers:

BOSE 901's - great clarity, passive sub, so no big booms...... personal choice
JBL - harman sub on towers
Infinity – nice.
Definitive - active sub on amps 3rd choice
JM Focal lab - also nice.....pair of speakers almost the same as the definitives. 2nd choice

Home theatre (tower and cube format) - BOSE acoustimass 15 vs. boston vs infinity – cube category

I do have an existing dvd player/HT combo that came with the tv, but if iam investing a speaker, I would need to buy an amp and a separate player(dvd/audio) since the one I have would not work with the new setup.



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Jul 28, 2007
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only if every posts are so well formated like this one

I don't know much about Bose apart from they are small and very expensive (for the size) but JM Focal lab do made some of the finest speakers in the world regardless of price.


thanks pal

the 901's are the not the cubes....

bought them contemplating denon vs onkyo

2308 vs 605


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