New system for an old git!


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Dec 19, 2005
Hey all! I began my journey into the world of Hi Fi in the early 70s, building the ubiquitous Teleton amp, the Connoisseur BD1 kit, the chipboard speakers with pillows inside them etc etc etc. Over the next 15 or so years, with many additions and replacements, I ended up with a system I simply could not afford to upgrade, and was in any case, pretty happy with: An original Mission Cyrus One in the plastic box; a Rega Planar 3 with RB300; and Spendor SP2s. CD players came and went, I never was very impressed with the sound.

For the most part, that system is still running, although the Cyrus went into overdrive, and complained mightily at having to play some teenager's pinky and perky type music and said "NOOOO!!" and promptly died. For a while I had a TAG McLaren amp until that too began to whine.

Which brings me to today. I have decided I would very much like a new system, and can put £2k into it. There may be a little leeway if it is really worth it.. My music tastes are very eclectic, the only dislikes being rap and drum and bass. I do tend to play more classical these days and very much appreciate the detail a good system can provide.

So here are my thoughts:

Amplifier: Rega Brio 3

CD Player: Audiolab 8200 CD

Speakers: Dynaudio DM 2/7

I shall be getting the Rega turntable serviced by Rega and keeping that going

Interconnects I was considering the Chord Crimson Plus Vee with Chord Carnival Silver speaker cable

I plan on siting the speakers on a pair of Partington Super Dreadnoughts.

This plan will not be swinging into action until early in the New Year, but it is very fluid. I do, for instance, rather like the Roksan Kandy pairing of CD and amp..

As I have been away for far too long to know what is worth listening to etc, I really would value any suggestions, contributions, ridicule, jests etc etc!

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)


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Hi Jo

Right, if you look hard enough you can pick some real bargains. Ideally you need to be looking amps with cracking built-in phono stages: Arcam, Rotel, Marantz, Leema...

Given you've had the old Cyrus I'd be looking at the following: Rotel RA-1520, PMC (early mark such as +) and Arcam CD192. The latter duo are now discontinued - available on auction sites - and this will allow £150 or so for cables (speaker and interconnects).

If you're going brand new and not worried about CDP then I'd say Leema Pulse + Totem or PMC (later i version)speakers.

Hope this helps.


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Aug 21, 2009
Jo, I too started my hifi journey with a Teleton (GA-203)

The Rega Brio R goes very well with its own CDP/DAC and speakers.

Other amps to consider are from Peachtree, Musical Fidelity M3i, Electrocompaniet, and as PP has suggested, the Leema Pulse is also a great choice.

Depending on how budget works out, Spendor are still making great speakers and would be a good match with the MF M3i or the Leema.

When choosing cables, just avoid silver coated ones. Chord Silver Screen is good for S/C and Linn Blacks from ebay (£15ish,) or Something from Merlin or Atlas.


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Dec 19, 2005
Thank you very much! Looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of research!

I saw that very model Teleton on ebay recently goin for around £90!


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Apr 16, 2009
as above, if you still have the spens, it may be better value to have some one check them over, and refurbished if neccesary. Spens, old and new still have a midrange that for me very few can equal.

CD- I would suggest that you have a listen to the rega offerings as well, especially in tanden with the Brio-R.

I hope you are going to replace your cart when the deck is serviced.

As for cables, get the main 'boxes' sorted first, and if you have any budget left, then think about them, if you have spent all your pennies, as is of course very possible, use whatever you either have, can blag out of the dealer when you but kit, or raid e-bay for something made from van damme copper cable for as cheap as you can. I'm not trying to say that cables can not make a difference, but that they will not make a system, and I would rather chuck my money at the main items and replace cables as and when.



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