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Aug 10, 2019
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A few months ago I was looking into getting a 20in TV for the bedroom, something with a built in Freeview and good picture. After looking around and with the help of What Hi-Fi, I had decided to go for the Sony KDL-20S2030.

I’ve just come to look again with the intention of buying (within the next week or so!) and I see there are several more Sony 20in TVs on the market. Such as the KDL-20S4000, the KDL-20S3000 and the KDL-20S2020.

Does anyone know if these newer models are replacing what I was planning on getting? Does anyone own one? How good are they? How do they compare to each other?

Any information will be greatly appreciated!


check the sony web site has a compare option where you can see more than the models you are actually referring to...

apart from the color the panel should be the same ... what changes is the enchantments through bravia engines... therefore a dynamic contrast is sometimes 5000 than 4000 ...


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