New q7000i sub blowing fuses


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Aug 8, 2011
Hi All,

I bought a q7000i 5.1 package just before Christmas ready for new house.

I moved house Dec ,system was set up all working fine, set up as per instructions when yesterday I noticed there is no effect coming from the sub.

I checked the sub it was dead I checked the fuse and it had blown apart. It says on sub that it's a T3.15al fuse. I got a match from maplin a 3.15a glass fuse with time delay.

Unplugged all power connected back up. Powered on and red light came on.As soon as signal came through to sub light turned blue then all went dead, checked fuse and it's in pieces.

Anyone had this happen before or know what could of caused this? :?

volume on sub is set low and I have not even had it on a high volume prob 50% max from the amp. The preout lead seems fine,, amp is an onkyo 709

Anyway it's all boxed back up ready to take back to Sevenoaks in Guildford.

thanks n advance.


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