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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm looking to build a new 5.1 or 7.1 home cinema system. The room is approx 16'x12' with a 55" TV on one of the long walls. The other walls are partially (~60%) covered by bookcases. I've been thinking of an Onkyo 609 receiver and a set of Q Acoustic 2000 5.1 speakers. All speakers need to be bookshelf speakers, no floor stands or towers due to space restrictions. I was wondering if it made sense to get an additonal pair of 2020 speakers and use them for front left & right, then use the spare 2010s as rears so I'd have a 7.1 system. Budget and space requirements can't stretch to a pair of 2050s. Fronts will be resting on top of cupboards about 3' high. Sides will be inside bookcases & backs (if I go 7.1) will be wall mounted (these can all be any height).

Would this setup work? Or would I be just better getting another pair of 2010s instead of the 2020s if I want a 7.1 system? Is there any point in even going to 7.1 sound for a room of this size? Total budget including wiring is ~£1250.

I've seen packages that bundle the receiver and 5.1 speakers with QED Original speaker cables. Is it worth spending another £100 upgrading to QED Silver Anniversary XT cables & Airlock plugs? I suspect not, particularly since I'd probably have to put off the 7.1 upgrade and my budget doesn't run to both at this point.

Are there better receiver/speaker packages for a similar budget?

I'm a bit of a home cinema newbie, so any advice would be really welcome. My wife really wants the bottom of the range Bose setup, but I've persuaded her that this sort of setup along with a decent universal remote will sound much better for a similar cost.




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Sep 13, 2007
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Regarding getting 2020's for a 7.1 set up, that's really a personal taste choice but what you should be aware of is that there is a limited ammount of blurays that carry a 7.1 soundtrack so alot of the time the amp will be giving you a psuedo 7.1 sound by adding processing to acheive a 7.1 sound. There is nothing wrong with this of course but i find with my Qacoustics 7.1 set up that i prefer to listen to movie soundtracks in their native audio (5.1 dts hd master audio, 5.1 dolbly true hd etc) as it just sounds better without adding processing from the amp BUT....the blurays out there that are coded with 7.1 audio sound fantastic so there is a clear benefit in a 7.1 set up imo but the decision is yours.

The 2020 speakers aren't really needed unless you plan to listen to stereo music through the system? If you do plan to do this then i would say get the 2020's for better stereo sound as you will get slightly more bass and scale from these as opposed to an extra pair of 2010's but if movie sound is your priority then just add another set of 2010's for slightly less cost as the sub will be handling the vast majority of the bass in the system.

By putting your speakers on bookcases you won't be making the most of the speakers, however, and you should bare this in mind before you purchase but i doubt you would have a major drop in sound quality as both the 2020 and 2010 speakers are designed with this in mind, it's just that if you mount them correctly you can get added benefits in sound but i personally doubt it would be an issue for you.

When it comes to speaker cable i bought the QED silver anniversary XT for my set up and i am certain it was money well spent as i listen to stereo music through my system but it does have a major bearing on the surround performance too and is well worth the extra money, as WHF say, it's the most cost effective upgrade you can make to any system. Airblock plugs would be nice but are far from essential if you want to cut the cost down a little bearing in mind your budget as you are just adding the convenience of not having a major rewiring job if you move the amp around and are not adding anything to the sound.

Of course you could consider other systems at your price range but really you would have little in the way options, you could look at a smaller speaker package such as the Boston Acoustics Soundware XS but they are very small compared to the QAcoustics speakers and then consider getting an amp from lower down the range or going down the all in one box solution route but for me i think the QAcoustic/Onkyo 609 pairing is the best you can get in your price range.

Hope that's of some help to you and sorry for such an essay of a reply.

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