New Loudspeakers to complete the upgrade...


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Aug 10, 2019
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Following some sound advice recently from Andrew and Thaiman, we now have the Cambridge Audio 640C, 640A, 640P (for the Linn Axis).

The sound is much more dynamic, detailed and interesting... however not quite complete yet ??

I feel sure some better speakers would complete the 'upgrade'... to facilitate an audition list PLS can anyone recommend a short-list of suitable speakers. The room is 5M X 5M , the speakers would be (on current placing) around 3M apart, facing down the room. Music type is mainly mixture of 70's to present rock, metal, popular bands..

The following seem to have good reports/recommendations (and are in budget scope)...and may be worth auditioning ??

Stand: Monitor Audio BR2 and RS1, B&W 685

Floor: Monitor Audio BR5 and RS6, B&W 684

others worth considering ???

All advice greatly appreciated, thanks.


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Jul 24, 2007
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If your music is mainly rock then without a shadow of a doubt i would go for the B&W's

I have some B&W albeit the 700 series and i find them magical for rock.

I would also consider some Focal Chorus speakers they too are great for rocking out to.

Lastly also consider Wharfdale they make speakers which boogie. Maybe the evolution series. There are some good bargains out there.

Or why dont you consider secondhand where you will get more for your money. Just saw this amazing buy on ebay.

These speakers are class and if i were you i would seriously consider a bid.


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