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New LG OLed range here but no 8k 65-inch TV OLED TV! But an LED 65-inch model massive oversight?


So LG clearly think 8k works on a 65-inch model just like Samsung and at 55-inches too for Samsung. I have seen real 8K content on my 55-inch and 65-inch Samsung and both looking amazing! I can see no going back now for people will want 65-inch and 55-inch 8k models.


Except there's no 8K content and no plans announced yet on delivering 8K content to UK homes.
It won’t be long before a streaming service is offering it though:

The Explorers App is offering 8K content right now on my Samsung TV and it looks great! And 8K TVs upscale to 8K too and this looks really good. In a video on the LG 88 8K model a guy reviewing it said he couldn’t notice much difference between 8K content and 8K upscaled he said there was virtually no difference on a 88-inch TV OLED!

Games consoles this year will be offering 8K content too.
I doubt gaming will be offering genuine 8K content - just think of the processing power that would be needed for that! Chances are, it’ll be upscaling to 8K rather than genuine 8K content.

As a country, we’re far off 8K broadcasting. We’re still in the infancy of 4K broadcasting, and chances are there’s not much of that that is actually 4K, more likely upscaled. And as for YouTube content, most of it will be compressed to varying degrees. The HEVC / H.265 is the current format used for UHD Bluray, and will support 8K content.
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