New iPod music set up with dock and headphones.


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Aug 10, 2019
I currently have iPod classic 60gb, sennheiser pxc250 headphones and Logitech mm50 speaker dock. I want to store my music using apple lossless and buy a dock and headphones that will let me reap the benefit. I plan to replace my iPod with the 160gb classic but am not sure what dock and headphones to get. I am considering arcam rcube, geneva sound model m, zeppelin air and Bose soundock 10for the dock. I am not bothered about wireless capability or portability. Main criteria is sound quality and ease of positioning. For the headphones I am considering b&w p5, Bose quiet comfort 3 or 15 noise cancelling and beyerdynamic t50p. I do not want in ear or open headphones. Again, sound quality is main criteria. I would tend to listen in mainly quiet environments so no cancelling not a necessity. Also, I would buy fiio e5 headphone amplifier. I generally prefer a warmer sound to my music rather than bright and in your face. Without having trialled anything and based on what hifi and amazon reviews i am leaning towards the model m and p5's.

Any views on my options or other recommendations would be much appreciated.


Have you looked at active speakers for the dock. Audioengine A2,A5 or Epoz e.t.c.


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