ANC Headphones sound quality


Sep 10, 2022
I want to get some good audio on my roads. I curently use IEM fiio f9 pro with fiio q1 mii dac/amp and I am enjoying my classical music playlists (via local music or tidal) greatly. What I like about my setup is its actual dynamics an clarity (compared to my previos samsung tuned by AKG headphones that I used to consider very good). To further explain, during dramatic crescendos in symphonic works like Brahms symphonies for example, the sound seems to expand semilar to real sound experience in the concert hall. What I don't like is during pianos or even mezzofortes moments, I barely hear the music on the road.

I recently tried a pair of Sony xm5 and while at first it seemed a better sound, more present and defined, at the crescendo moment it seemed to stay put. Like the sound was actively compressed not to jump beyond a certain threshold. Dynamics were quite dull. Quite dissapointing from my perspective.

So, still, I am in need of a good pair of ANC headphones (for while on the road) that should deliver at least my fiio setup sound (witch is not really top notch sound performance, is it?). I am willing to spend 400-500 bucks on it.

I also consider Sennheiser Momentum 4 (I have a pair of senns (some low end wired model that sound just great on their own) or Bose 700. Or any other pair that should deliver. But, I really have no way to try them (store showroom only have sony to try) and after sony xm5 let me down, I am a bit unsure if ANC headphones are capable to deliver sound quality similar to what I already am used to.

Any thoughts? Maybe some one encourage me to still go this path or show me better alternatives. Thankyou


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