Need a new budget amplifier


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Oct 5, 2007
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Currently I have the Monitor Audio BR5s with a Cambridge Audio 640cV2 payer and I need an amplifier to complement the two.

I hear that the Rotel RA-04 and the 640c are well matched and I like its style but would it do the trick on my BR5s (im not a very loud listener however it would be nice if power was available just in case)

But.. there is the possibility of the CA 540A V2 which renders a higher power output and it goes with my cd player and it too is rated very well.

Decisions decisions, such is life!

Could anyone sway me or do I need to toss a coin?

My budget is £250



Hi Matt, I have a pair of MA BR2s which I am using in conjunction with the RA-04, and I am absolutely loving this combination. IMO there is a good amount of control in the bottom end, and the top is clear and open. I auditioned the RA-04 against the Marantz PM6002 and found the Marantz/MA combination to be a little harsh for my liking, and maybe a little too uncomfortable at handling bass. You should check out both these units, the Marantz is £200 online at RicherSounds at mo, but I def recommend a demo with your speakers. Hope this helps.


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Sep 6, 2007
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If you can i'd go for a new NAD C352 off or look at the 2nd hand one thats going on Ebay currently

To me the NAD is better than all the above mentioned and more. Its got plenty of power and bass weight which will suit the BR5's down to a tee but the sound is still refined with well timed midrange and good clarity in the treble.


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