Myryad MXI2080 v Newer Amps


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Aug 10, 2019
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I'm in the process of getting a new amp for my CA 840C CDP and Monitor Audio S6. I've listened to a few different amps in hifi shops and am hoping to home audition 2 or 3 to make my final choice. I've already got the Cyrus 8vs2 and new Naim Nait 5i lined up. I had been hoping to include the Roksan Kandy LIII but it doesn't look like I'll be able to demo that one at home.

I was wondering if any one had an opinion on the Myryad MXI2080 and how this would stack up against some of the newer amps. I had thought the Myryad was out of my price range but there is a large discount being offered which actually makes it cheaper than all the other amps I've been looking at. Is it worth adding this to my shortlist, or has it now been overtaken by the newer amps?


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Sep 9, 2007
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myrads are nice amps, at least you can demo the other amps at home with your kit, why not have a word with the dealer of the roksan and tell them of the others who are prepared to let you demo at home. throw the myrad into the mix and they might be willing to let you demo at home. myrads are nice though and if the price is right go for it.


Can anyone give me the details of dealers that sell the MyryadMXI2080? I've called Myryad themselves but the dealers they gave me say they don't deal with them any more, also are there any dealers who have special deals on re the 2080? thanks for any help. Cheers Philip