My quest for better sound (751BD)

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Feb 22, 2011
As Michael said above.

So long as the cable is sheilded and you detect no hum or other interference then you are good to go. A sub cable is ultimately a phono cable with good sheilding, nothing more.

So you may be wondering why I have ordered this? Because I can hearing a ringing noise coming from the sub. Looking at my sub cable it seems to have come apart slightly at the connector end. hopefully this replacement works well.

As for sound performance and if you are wondering about that, then I will tell you very shortly if it does improve the overall quality.


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Jul 17, 2007
The more i play about with settings on my AVR & 751 the more boggled i seem to get!

When using the multi channel out on the 751 which is set to LPCM to allow the player to do the deciding. What happens to Audyssey??? How much of the auto setup is being applied if any??? If i was to switch my Marantz to DIRECT mode would this cancel out all of Audyssey's processing??


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