MQA is ... !

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Sep 20, 2016
Frankly yes it is. He’s listened to far more than the general joe and only gives opinion on what he has at the time. Leading to more accurate accounts of the product.

I don’t know you from Adam and you me. Mine and yours opinion is, well, frankly completely worthless in most cases. The op’s need to form the experiences for themselves. My journey is completely different and I’m looking for other things as are you.

I give advice but people should take it with a huge pinch of salt. And I don’t expect anything other.
Fair point but that's only because of unfamiliarity. But I wouldn't be going as far as either of our opinions being worthless. A lot of press that I read, even though people writing it know more than average, I strongly disagree with. And yes, Darko is definitely more experienced than most but that should not diminish our own experiences and shouldn't cloud our judgement when picking components.



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