Moon 280D DAC Streamer or MiND 2


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Jan 17, 2012
Not that I'm unhappy about the Node I2 but I moved an have a separate office now an entend to us the node with a old yamaha AX 590 amp connected to LS50 that I had as a teenager (that are on my shortlist intend to buy theme soon).

So decided to upgrade my main system . I have considered a few options Technics al in one Solutions/dac/streamer slc700mk1 (that was in promo at my dealerschip 2000€) reason was, some times I mis the cdp.

Even if those days I mainly stream from Qobuz an listen to Vinyl when I have time (all my cd's are also on the Nas, but noticed I don't use it that often any more).
I still buy cd's now an than an rip them on the Nas but still...

considered a few other options
(budget was more less 2000€ ) Aurender (to expensive I think), Mythek brooklyn bridge streamer/dac, Rose, Aurelic g1, Denafrips opus (no streamer an my dealer had to order it specialy for me ) rme adi 2 (no streamer an my dealer had to order it specialy for me ).
Akso the 280D was on that shortlist for a while .. made that list 2.5 years ago

The one who stayed on my list & in my mind for a long time was ten Inious zen mini MK3 dac/streamer/ ripper (my dealer don't do that brand so again would have to order it specialy for my)

Long storry short, I shortlisted an was thinking ... go for inious (with aditionam psu combo arround 1800€) or texhnics ...

Then my dealer came up with moon 280D with Mind2 that he had as ex demo unit (oké over my budget even ex demo)

My dealer don't do demo's any more sinds Corona. (wel for the moment, on the other site he is almost alwys ready for a little chat when I'm in the neighberhood or when I call him).

Told him, I don't really see my self stretch my budget with +- 1k and not even be able to listen to it, I have good contact with him an al my gear comes from him (or almost at least for over the last 14yrs)

So he told my pay what you intended to take it home, if you don't like it we find something else if you like it pay me the rest.
No worry there will be other solutions if it don't match your system (guess he is pretty sure of the result)

Still if any one have expériences with the 280D I will be happy to hear his findings

Thanks :)



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