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Monitor Audio GS60


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May 11, 2014
Surely what matters is your view, not whether or not they suit a WHF reviewers tastes. I bought a headphone that got three WHF stars, it's superb. Anyway, a Google will get a collection of reviews giving you an impression.


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Sep 20, 2016
Ok, star ratings are awarded in price categories (based on RRP) against products reviewed at a specific time consider current trends.
5 star budget amp/speakers in most cases will not be as good as 3 star equivalents a few price brackets above. Product star ratings are also downgraded down the years for some products which doesn't make the product worse or outdated just not as attractive compared to new competition.

Not just that but subjectively many people may value 3 star amps more than their 5 star equivalents as to them they just sound better. Many on here sing praises of 5 star budget Q Acoustics and budget Marantz or Cambridge Audio gear I just personally don't like and wouldn't have for free.

And finally second hand gear loses it's value at a different rate. Which would make comparisons in star ratings virtually impossible. Especially as you're not restricted to GS range circa 2006 but also GR, GX as well as other brands from years prior.

GS20 had a 4 star review.

Lack the exuberance of the best at this price level

Yet, RX6 from the next generation silver range was a 5 star product. Then again RX8 got 4 stars. They can all be picked up for similar money nowadays.

And not to mention products that were not reviewed and didn't get any stars.


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Feb 18, 2008
I was just using it as a guide. I owned GR20 in the past and loved them and regret selling. I've always had a liking for Monitor Audio speakers and personally I think the GS20 and GS60 are amongst the best looking speakers ever made. My personal opinion.
Would love to audition the GS60 but not possible so I'm buying based on my past experiences.


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Sep 20, 2016
That's fine. If you know what kind of sound you're after and what you're likely to get. That's all that matters Arcam should compliment them well.

The early Monitor Audio sounded different to current ones and better in my opinion. More natural and slightly less hifi. That's based on bronze and silver ranges. From golds I've only heard the GRs and they were very good. Not heard the new ones.

The RS/GS and RX/GX lines are the best looking in my opinion.



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