Monitor Audio BR5 vs Monitor Audio RS6

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I hope you're not expecting somebody saying that the BR range performance is more or less the same the RS range. (Although everything is possible ...

As almost everybody has already spotted they play different leagues. Just have a look at monitor audio web page and see ... Different tecnologies, filters, transducers, ...

Summarazing ... Diferent ranges.

It's easy if you think in Class A Mercedes and C Class. Both of them take you to the place ... but you'd agree the ride is going to be 'slightly' better with the C, woldn't you?

So traslating that to the audio world, we could say they both have are very good products and produce a high quality sound. But the RS6 are just better. It's up to you to decide if that extra dose of performance suits your needs, and (most important thing) your budget. Maybe BR5 performance is enough for you so you can be plenty satisfied having the speakers you like and still the extra money in you pocket.

Test yourself both so you can find the sound you're looking for.


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Apr 29, 2013
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The only way you can decide is to go listen for yourself. Everybody has differnet equipment, music, listening preference.

By all means get an opinion, but you must hear for yourself.

My recent experiences, I have just auditioned 6 speakers of which BX6 - RS6 - RS8 were in the mix. Out of the all the Monitor Audios I heard I pefered the BX6 by some margin (although in the end i purchased Dali Ikon 6). Anyway the important thing is too hear for yourself as well.


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