Mixing 2 subwoofers


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Aug 10, 2019
Hello all,

I have an HSU ULS-15 subwoofer (www.hsuresearch.com/products/uls15.html). I want to add a second subwoofer to the system. However prices of this item are up, not to mention the shipping costs which are up by 20%, so it is financially unviable more or less.

However a local dealer is giving a good price on Def. Tech. Superube Reference subwoofers (http://www.definitivetech.com/products/products.aspx?productid=SuperCube%20Reference).

Should I get the Supercuve reference? The ULS-15 is a sealed sub. SC.Ref. has 2 passive radiators. Both are constructed differently, but they both are high quality subs. But will a combination of the 2 work well?

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Big Chris

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Apr 3, 2008
I personally wouldn't do it. Regardless of quality, you're gonna get a tonal imbalance.

If you're really after another sub, I'd look at saving those extra pennies and buying another of the same model you already have.


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Feb 22, 2009
Tonal imbalance isnt a massive issue with subs, and 2 similarly aimed sealed subs will sound similar. The real differences ar ein the performance figures. How well one subs handles lower frequencies, and how clean it stays at higher spls, compared to another is entirely different. Integration is hard enough, not least because of room modes etc, but then trying to get 2 different subs to work in unison is even harder. Inevitably, the poorer of the two subs will become the dominating force as its greater distortion becomes more audible than the clean output of the better sub. Both will interact with the room differently, and if you dont intergrate them perfectly, the resulting mess will be worse than either sub on its own, just louder.

Unless you are well versed in the compexities of proper sub setup, and know how to match subs properly, your asking for trouble. As already advised, your best sticking to another of what you already have.


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