Mission to EB1 via Arcam and Brunning


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Aug 10, 2019
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Just about to send off for a pair of EB1 Acoustic speakers from Kidderminster where they're made (and take 10 weeks to arrive - I hear it can be longer). Anyway I was prompted by discovering some distortion in my Arcam driven Mission 772's in the lounge which I've had for some years. (The system also drives a pair of Mission 700's in a remote smaller dining room (wires under carpet..) which seem fine at the volume I'm allowed!) I'm very much going on the vg reviews I've read of course, because you can't audition EB1's, but I'm happy to go with the pros' and users opinions on this occasion. My questions are trivial really; I've never had floor mounted spkrs before but the Partington 60's look the biz by all accounts but ...

Qu 1: How do they actually fit the EB1 boxes ??

Qu 2: And could the EB1's be bookshelf mounted if push came to shove - would I notice the difference?

Qu 3: The two spkrs will necessarily require 8m cable on one side and just 1m the other. Is this considered a problem ?

Qu 4: Does the cable really matter? I've presently got some bog standard dual cable you get from any DIY store - bear wire wrapping and all that. It has since been buried under concrete under and around the hearth when we had a new one put in. EB Acoustics recommend TALK 3 cable which looks thicker and I'm not sure if will pull around all the corners underground !


Oh yes and I've just bought that Brunning kit. Its OK but sound quality is lacking by c/w the Arcam CD17 (both through an A70). The worst aspect of it is my old Beatles CDs, Love (forever changes), Genesis (Selling England), Bob Dylan (More Greatest Hits) and others become almost inaudible when a minimum volume is set on a more modern album such as Joe Satriani or Jeff Beck (Motion and Commotion).

Qu 5: Is it technically possible to equalise volume between albums on a bit of kit such as the Brunning ? If not, the purpose of the item to store ALL your CDs (in my case over 40 years worth...) is defeated, if a large proportion are inaudible when set on random.


oops, sorry Martin, its Brennan of course not Brunning (that's someone else I know !)


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