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Media receiver advice


New member
Mar 9, 2010
I've just set up an old PC as a media server using VortexBox, which can stream my FLAC files. This works brilliantly across my network to my other computers - both mac and Windows PC.

What I need help with is choosing a suitable device to allow me to access my music from my two hi-fi systems. The problem I have is that I can't justify (or afford) a NaimUnuiti and in fact even a Squeezebox Duet at £250 seems way overpriced - I could get a new Laptop for that kind of money - just what is in a Squeezebox that makes it so expensive?

Any solutions that don't involve the use of a PC would be welcome!


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Jul 16, 2008
Main thing with the likes of Squeezebox and Sonos is that they are designed ourely for the job (playing music over a network). I believe most other solutions would need the TV on to operate.

Any old media streamer would do the job, just not as well. I have an Xtreamer which costs about £80 - £90 and is great for video and while it can play music, the interface doesn't lend itself to the task, so I don't use it for music. I'll be getting a Squeezebox or Sonos unit for that.

One other option if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone is to get an airport express and then either use iTunes (would need to convert FLAC library) or a piece of software called Airfoil to stream your tunes to the Airport Express, controlled by the iPod/iPhone.



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