Marantz R03 and RX6 speakers...


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Aug 10, 2019
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After saving for a while I purchased a plasma and blue-ray, along with the cd player/amp and speaker I could also route the TV sound through.

Choosing the TV was straight forwards (TX-P46GT30) and blue ray. The CD player and speaker were more complicated. I went for a Marantz CR603 which had the amp and CD player integrated. For speakers I listened to KEF Q300, MA RX1 and MA RX6. In the end I ended up buying the RX6.

I think that I was partly swayed by my wife who seemed more interested in what they looked like in the house, and didn’t like book speakers on stands.

I am worried that I may have bought more speaker that my CR603 could really handle or make best use of. Perhaps I should have gone for smaller speakers and used the cash for a sub-woofer to get a 2.1. Kit gets ordered Monday, so still have the chance to make some changes to the speakers

Would appreciate some advice.

Many thanks, Chris


Hi Chris

Welcome to the forums...

Being a Marantz CR603 owner and huge fan and also a massive fan of the M/A speakers; as good as the RX6's are, I do feel that the Marantz wouldnt drive them to their best... They need to be driven well and they love to be played loud and hard!

I demo'd the M/A RX6's with my Marantz and they did sound great but for overall drivability; the BX5's gelled better with the CR603.

However the M/A BX5 speakers are superb (I have them in black) but the QUAD 21L2's would also be a very good speaker to go for and they look gorgeous in paino black
Hi Chris, and welcome from me too.

If it isn't too late for your decision, your dilemma of speakers for your Maratnz is one of the most discussed topics here.

This will bring up LOTS of opinions!

Personally I would choose stereo over 2.1 about 99% of the time, but if I watched more movies I might not think that. For me it's purity over excitement any day, but not everyone thinks/feels the same.


Many Thanks for the suggestions and comments. I am looking for my speakers to have a decent base note. Will I get that with the CR603 and BX5 combo. I'll see if the my dealer has a pair. Some people seem to be saying that the vinyl finish may look a bit cheap. I am looking to have them in black.



The finish on the BX5's is superb; I wouldnt have ugly speakers in my house

Having owned the RX6's as well; you'd find that M/A finish their speakers very well.

The bass kick on the BX5's is superb; it's deep and punchy but not wooly or boxy at all so it sounds superb. I listen to a lot of electronica and house music (Hed Kandi etc...) so I like decent bass and the BX5's certainly dont fail on this count!


Great. many thanks for the reply. Will test out the BX5. Sound like it is exactly what I am looking for.