Marantz CR603 to sub - which connections?


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Aug 10, 2019
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With wanting to add a sub to my system I just wanted to know which cable type I'd need to connect the sub?

I know the CR603 has a dedicated sub out connection but which connection would I use on the sub?

The subs I'm thinking of are the Rel T5, BK XLS200 and possibly the B&W PV1



I dont really want to start using the speaker connections on the Marantz when it's already got a dedicated sub pre-out!

Any other suggestions?


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REL recomend it. From the manual...

"It is helpful to know that you will almost always connect the REL to the input on the rear panel labeled “Hi Level.” This connection is made using the supplied 34’ 10” (10 meters) cable, the bare leads of which connect to thespeaker output terminals of the power amplifier. The easy and foolproof connection at the REL is done with a Neutrik Speakon connector. The purpose of connecting to the speaker output terminals is one of the unique secrets of REL’s success. By connecting to the high level input on the REL from the amplifier, you build forward the sonic signature of your main system, including the tonal balance and timing cues of the entire electronics chain. In this way, the REL is fed the exact signal that is fed to the main speakers."

From the BK Manual...

"The high level input, is an unbalanced dual channel (stereo) input that uses a professional touch proof Neutrik Speakon connector. Signals for this input would normally be sourced from the left and right speaker terminals of the main system amplifier. The advantage of this method is that the XLS200 receives exactly the same signal as being supplied to the main speakers. This means that the character and tonal balance of the bass from the main speakers is carried through to the sub bass. "


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