Marantz cd-75dx (was it well reconditionned?)


Mar 9, 2021
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Dear all,
Let me please present my case.
I bought a cd player Marantz CD-75DX, which I paid $180 because it was reconditioned by the seller.
I received the player, it worked right, but the sound was not very good imo…
So I decide to open it and take a look. You can find the pictures here View:

I noticed a big condenser that may be leaking, next to the power supply (Image 1, 6,7), and another condenser, a red one (in the center of image 11 and 13) that looks like swollen.
I took some other pictures also.
Is there anybody experienced on tweaking able to tell me if all this is right?
Does the swollen and leaking condensers may be the reason why the sound is not so good ?
It would be great if you can send me some comments about this.
Thank you very much!
Kind regards,


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