Many speakers are fare from perfect,bright and low sensitivity

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Somtimes speaker manufacturers not always know what they want

Q acoustcis 3020 are thin sounding speakers, not much bass and bright fatigue highs, especially at higher levels

Q acoustics 3000i are much warmer sounding, more warmth, more bass (3010i has more than the 3020) and high that are softer,less sparkle

Maby they will do it better next time

Same goes for the highs on the 600 s3, finally they now sound ok,instead of loud,bright and fatigue

Have had Mission qx 2 and they sound good but the latest version might not seem like something better

Like q acoustics 3000 (i) that lacked bass but had sparkle in the highs (it could easilty be fatigue to listen to) for the first version, second version had bass but lacked som sparkle in the highs but no fatugie

The latest versions
Fractional sluggishness to deep bass
Not the last word in dynamic finesse
Key rivals sound more transparent

Somtimes they change what makes them good,great, more highs isn't one of them, but can also be to much if going from to much highs to not enough sparkle
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The speakers I've heard and enjoyed th
My experience of speakers has been quite the opposite really. I've not heard many speakers in the last 3 years, but most of the speakers I've heard sounded quite warm and dull and I've often wondered why companies are afraid of the treble region and the detail it brings, particularly with modern recordings and high res stuff. Many designs favour the safe and warm sound and I still struggle to know why. Most speakers end up in living rooms and most living rooms have curtains and drapes, carpets and soft sofas. This is usually balanced out with glass, ceilings and walls. Every room is different and it's not very useful listening to speakers in a shop, due to the particular choice of their furnishings etc. My QA3030i sound slightly soft at the top end and I do think this is a deliberate attempt to reduce any fatiguing brightness, although I am looking for something with a bit more sparkle. I think my Audiolab Omnia is also partly to blame and has been designed to give a more forgiving sound. My system does sound a bit warm and cosy, but the sound never strays into boominess, especially now the foam bungs are in place. There is a nice weight to the sound and bags of midrange detail. I would consider QA speakers again and I'm trying to get a demo of the QA5040 floorstander. I do prefer a warts and all presentation to the sound and if you have very accurate and detailed speakers, you might not like the sound of many of the recordings you own. This isn't the speakers at fault, it's shortcomings in many poor recordings or lack of care in the mastering process. I would like Mission to release a new version of the 751 and also provide matching stands. I remember hearing these speakers many years ago, on the end of some KI Signature Marantz components and I've not heard anything as good since. A really energetic and dynamic bounce to the sound and loads of detail in the midrange and treble. I might try and audition a few standmounts this year to see if there's anything out there with some life to the sound.
If you like the 751s so much, I would recommend listening to a pair of QX2 MkIIs. The QX MkII series has a similar sound signature to the 75 series.
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Jul 22, 2023
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I stayed with mission for yrs and still have a pair in a second system but it was the q acoustics 3050i that got me to change brand.
I demoed a few but the QA'S stood out from them all.
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Nov 10, 2023
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It might be your ears? Everyone hears sound differently. One persons 'bright' is another persons 'air' or 'presence'.
Older people start to loose upper frequency hearing and so old folks (like me) might need that 'brightness'.
By the time most people can afford a pair of B&W Nautilus's their hearing is probably shot anyway. LOL
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One of my hi-fi hates, as I've mentioned many times, is a rolled off treble.

My amp, speakers and CDP are fairly neutral, so neutrality should be a better word. No way does it sound bright or shrill, the flipside it sounds cozy, almost gooey.
I have heard some bad systems in peoples homes. more often than not I would put money on the problem being the room or the loudspeaker positioning, not the equipment itself.


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