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Loud popping noise from speakers when changing channel


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Dec 23, 2007

I have a Samsung TV ( ue49nu7100) with audio output via optical to a Yamaha RX-V1065 AV amp. When I change channels on the TV there's a really loud and very annoying 'popping' sound from the main front speakers. The only thing close to a cause of this I've found online is the audio format changing, but it's not, the TV is sending the same format to the amp for each channel, or at least appears to be as nothing changes on the display on the amp (Dolby Digital).

It doesn't happen with the TV speakers if I don't use the amp, and the previous model TV I had didn't do it. This other TV was very similar but was replaced under warranty with a slightly newer one.

The only other part of the equation is that the main front speakers are powered by a Naim two channel amp from the AV amp pre-outs.

Any ideas? It's driving me nuts!