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Jan 11, 2012
During the last 12 months I've spent a lot of time time listening to and buying music and hi fi bits
Loads of LP's bought and a few pieces of kit,
My first buy was a Marantz NR1200 which replaced my Marantz na6005 and Nad amp , one less box👍
Then i gained a spare room and considered a set up for it but then settled on an Audio Addon c5a, which i was very impressed with, it actually sounded brilliant with my rega Rp1.
It made me realise that my floorstanding speakers (focal 714s) could do better in the bass department so i bought a budget Yamaha sub, just hooked it up, it's brill.
Also i read a review in what hi fi about the bose quiet comfort earbuds and couldn't resist them, they are superb, a major improvement on my melomania earbuds.
Just wondered what everyone else has tinkered with or changed??


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You've been on a buying spree Jonboy, good for you.

I bought one of these little class D amps for someone and was quite impressed.
Ended up with 2 more of them for myself.
Yesterday I attached one to the backs of each of a pair of Kef Q100, fed HF from one channel and LF from the other on each.
Paired their inputs and set both to full volume, then fed a channel to each from a DAC, via a <£2 homemade volume control.

So, 'active' speakers without an all-important active crossover (merely bi-amping).
Nevertheless, they sounded absolutely fantastic - only 40W per speaker, but I was sitting at very close range and was listening to favourite songs, one after the other, for hours.
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