Little Dot CDP or something similar to Rega Dac


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Aug 13, 2010
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HI ,I have been looking around for some cd transport to complete my Rega Dac , and found Little Dot CDP . cost is about £250

but it's available only from China , so I am worried about quality . Is there any other alternative on european market ?

I know about Musical Fidelity cd transport but it's over my budget . Would by better to match some cheaper cd player like

nad c515 bee? I am selling my combo and foing for Rega Brio R so obviously new Apollo R would by a best match . but for £550

I would pay for dac inside of Apollo which I will not use . And for same price I can get cdp and Squeezebox touch . So maybe

some of you have experience with Little Dot CDP , or something similar.

What transport do You use with Rega Dac ? Thank You


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Jan 8, 2011
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That Stello looks interesting...a bit overbudget?

The Rega dac re-clocks the incoming SDPIF signal, because of this (and considering the rest of your system) I think you would get an acceptable result with most CD players that have a digital output (almost all players).

The NAD is probably a good option. According to their blah blah, there are separate power supplies for the analogue and digital circuits, which is a good thing. The Marantz CD 6003/6004 are good players as well, though I think Marantz spent more money optimizing the analogue side of the output and less on the digital. You could even try using a Playstation if you have one hanging around...

If you're thinking about the Squeezebox/streaming route, it doesn't make sense to put too much budget into the disc spinner. IMHO, now that you have the Rega DAC, money is better spent in the amp and/or speakers (or USB interface if going the computer route).

[EDIT: the little Dot looks good as well...]