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steve_1979 said:
Craig M. said:
It must take quite some effort to find an mp3 encoder that bad.

I very much doubt that any MP3 encoder is so bad (or even close to being so bad) that it will change the volume and compress the dynamic range of music to the extent that is seen in the Linn MP3 version of the track 'Oranges and Apples'.

Maybe Linn or someone else here could point out to me an MP3 encoder that it will change the volume and compress the dynamic range of music when it converts a FLAC file into an MP3?

Excuse my ignorance here as all I do is purchase music and let the ears decide if it’s good or not that being on any format.

When getting my system installed the dealer told me that FLAC was the best for downloading music so my music first goes through dppoweramp. So is MP3 not a more compressed version of downloading even in lossless ?

Also have you tried using dppoweramp for MP3 as I am sure you can have a month’s free trial just to see if there is any difference?

Here is a link to iTrax a company who pride themselves on download quality. There is a selection on what sounds best in download so you might find it an interesting read.

I can only go by my ears using FLAC.Have heard had bad downloads but on the main good ones.


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Jul 14, 2010
CnoEvil said:
My simplistic reasoning tells me that the main difference (between Linn's MP3 and Steve's MP3 version) is mostly volume, as the two are probably indistinguishable from each other, when played at the same there anything fundamentally wrong with this ie. if the quality hasn't suffered as a result?

I've just tried to ABXing the MP3 and FLAC versons of the track 'House On The Hill'.

With the peak volume levels matced between the MP3 and FLAC versions it's very easy to tell the between the MP3 and FLAC versions every time in an ABX test.

With the apparent volume levels matced between MP3 and FLAC versions it was much more difficult to tell them apart but I was still just about able to reliably pick out the MP3 version every time in an ABX test.


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Jul 14, 2010
John Duncan said:
Can we keep this conversation to one thread rather than copying and pasting from one to the other please?

As there are currently two parallel threads about the same subject maybe this one should be locked so that we can all concentrate on the other one?

John Duncan

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Jan 8, 2008
I considered it but I think the OP was actually about something different. I'm more inclined to clean this one up back to its original point.

EDIT - except it looks too hard so am just leaving it. But please keep your findings to the other one if you don't mind so I don't have to trawl through both.


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