LG G1 vs Sony A90J: which is the best OLED TV?


Sep 28, 2022
I do appreciate your writeup, very well done.

Prices are substantially better for the Sony now. I'm looking at the 83" and it's $4100 on Amazon right now while the G2 is 5600, Both prices are plus tax,

However, you can shop around most notably Greentoe and they are offering the 83" A90J for $4100 including tax and delivery. The G2 is $4600 from them also out the door. I really like the Sony, but I hate paying so much and getting tech that's over a year old, When I look at the rtings review they favor the G2 barely but also show the G2 better in almost all meaningful measurements. It's a tough decision for me as I've always loved Sony. Currently, I have a 77C8 that's been a great TV but could stand to be a little brighter and motion is not what newer models are.



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