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KEF LS50 Wireless II

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Nov 16, 2020
I ordered my LS50W's in 2017 and can't say I would recommend them to anyone. The sound is terrific, but you will need to weigh that against all the negative issues KEF the company brings to the table. It's been over three years, and I still need to spend 10-20 minutes to connect to these via the app, and KEF seems unable or unwilling to fix it.
The tech support KEF provides is also an issue, which is just about the worst I've had to deal with from any company. The initial run of LS50w's had a manufacturing defect with one of the internal electronic boards in the main speaker, which caused it to distort audio. It took me six months of trying with KEF to get the speakers repaired without success, and I even offered to pay. I was able in the end to have the retailer who sold me the units repair them, but it was a long and hard-fought process that I can't believe I had to endure for a $2K purchase. You will also need to consider that when speaker ver3.0 is released in three years, your 2.0 speakers will not be supported by KEF.

My advice, get the LS50's, add a network streaming device, and a good amp. KEF just isn't a good smart speaker manufacture. Sure, they have the speaker and sound thing locked up, but the electronic/smart part is really lacking.
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