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Moree Spingato

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Jan 14, 2020
I have these in my living room. Gorgeous speakers, especially in white. Perfect amount of tight bass, and the clarity + mids are fabulous. No more 'audiophile' wires and gadgetry needed. The days of wires etc are done. From Tidal or even Spotify's hifi Premium option, with aptX bluetooth these rock across all music genres,


Jun 27, 2020
I feel like a 3 for sound is suuuuper undertaking these speakers.

if you position them correctly on the desk with it ear level and slightly tilted in, you will be extremely happy with the sound stage as well as crip fidelity the tweeters are able to pull out.


Oct 14, 2021
I bought these based on the good reviews. My thoughts....

they are Ok. Not spectacular and here is why.

they get a 5 out of 5 for convenience. Bluetooth, built in amp, plug right into the tv, turntable, cd player, computer, etc all at once. That is awesome.

sound - meh. This is where it lacks. I find no matter what i listen to, be it digital or vinyl, it's all sounding the same way. 2 out of 5 and that is being liberal.

all in all, they are convenient. Nothing more.


Jul 31, 2022
Hi, just to add my experience, I bought a pair of Kanto Tuk speakers from amazon.fr, there was a loud very high frequency hum coming from the powered speaker, one of the woofers was off center by a good few mm and there was paint chips around the input lights, I contacted Kanto support for help with the hum, they were very hard to deal with and spent a week of emails back and forth only for them to tell me they wouldn't cover any warranty because amazon.fr wasn't a kanto reseller (even though they have an official shop front?) and I had paid a bit less than the RRP so they consider the speakers used even though they even had the invoice for the "new" speakers because thy consider no retailers to ever sell any of there products under their RRP!?

So anyone who buys one of there speaker from what seems to be most retailers (European ones anyway), or anyone who pays any less than full RRP have according to Kanto, NO MANAFACTURES WARRENTY! That's a lot of people!

I was lucky I got to find this out before my amazon return window closed.

In all it was a terrible experience from a company that has poor quality control and terrible costumer service, I sent mine back for a refund and wished I never bought em.



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