Kandy power amp for roksan caspian m1 amp?


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Aug 10, 2019
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I was thinking about adding a power amp to my system, ive had a wee look on the auction sight, caspian m1 power amps are quite pricey, i was thinking about buying a kandy power amp and using it for the bass, do you guys think that would be ok or should i really try and bag the more expensive caspian power amp?


I think my system sounds to safe, i can listen to it for hours without fatigue, the problem is that this is my first dac source based system, i have had weaker amps and speakers with good cd players that have sounded better than this, ie- nad c352, arcam cd192, b&W CM2, that system wipes the floor with what i have now, i am using a mf v dac 2 with a mf v-psu 2 power supply, i mostly stream spotify and listen to wav with i -tunes, i always thought that files with a dac is the same quality or near a cdp at the at price, what my system lacks is space between notes, that blackness of seperation, maybe i need to buy a cd player or maybe the mf dac isnt good enough, where am i going wrong?