Joytech Trilink Switcher problems


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Aug 10, 2019
I recently purchased a Joytech Trilink Switcher from Amazon in order to connect both my PS3 and DAV-IS10 by HDMI. I soon noticed that every 2-3 minutes there was a video glitch on the screen while watching DVD's. Then I would lose the HDMI feed completely for a few seconds, then it would return. The following day the Trilink power supply failed so I connected via the USB plug on the PS3 and the original problems continued. I have tried changing the HDMI leads but the same thing happens. The problem doesn't occur when the PS3 is connected directly to the TV.
I contacted Amazon and they immediately sent me a replacement (great customer service by the way). The new Trilink arrived and guess what, it had the same problem. I have tried to contact Trilink customer service twice via their website but have had no response (rubbish customer service).

I have searched for information on the web and have come across several other people who have had similar problems both with the cutting out and the bad customer service.

Is it worth pursuing a fix or is the Trilink just a cheap piece of tat only fit for the bin?



Anyone else having problems with the Trilink or is it just me?


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