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May 2, 2010
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My friend has just set up his first Sonos zone. He is ripping CDs to iTunes, and that's his library for use with Sonos. I did tell him to wait for me to help, he and a friend of his seem to have stumbled their way through it and it's (Sonos) working.

Now the CDs copied into iTunes have copied into the library and show up in Sonos music, but iTunes itself is not being populated and when I looked in iTunes there was actually only one cd in there. I copied one and it's gone into both. They can't explain what they've been doing, I didn't have a lot of time tbh but my first reaction is to start again.

Perhaps i've not explained too well but I don't know what's happening.


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Dec 13, 2008
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If Sonos can see it then do this, reverse engineer the problem.

1. Download the Sonos Desktop Controller, install it and then run it.

2. Go to the menu Music and select Set Up Music Library. A box will appear that tell you the path that Sonos is using to get the music. Write this down and then use the search function in windows to search for the folder.

3. Start up Itunes. In itunes go to Edit then choose Preferences. When the screen comes up choose Adavanced.

4. In the top box it will state the library that itunes is using. If it is not the same as the one you wrote down then use the Change button to locate the path that have written down.

Both are no using the same directory as a source to play the music. I tunes will also rip to same directory.

If you find the CDs already ripped, just and paste them to the new directory and tell the Sonos desktop controller to Update the Music Index ....... it's at the bottom of the Music menu.

Have fun.


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