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Aug 10, 2019
I have all my music stored on a NAS box for playback through a Roku Soundbridge and sometimes the PS3 and I use Windows media player to rip to it. It is a Buffalo Livestation with built in media server. I have to use itunes for my ipod. With windows media player, it monitors the directories where I store the music and so even if I just copy some mp3s there rather than ripping a cd, it dutifully picks them up and adds them to its library. The NAS does much the same - on an hourly basis it re-scans the folders. With Itunes I have to add the new subdirectories to the library manually to enable me to be able to copy them to the ipod, even though itunes sees the NAS as a shared device. Is there any way of getting itunes to automatically scan for new tracks and add them to the library so I can get them on the ipod on a regular basis? It is a pain to have to add the individual subdirectories and frustrating that I can see and play the tracks on the NAS from itunes but when I try and add them to the ipod it won't let me. If I re-scan the entire library it shows duplicate entries for the existing tracks. Sorry for the long and painful explanation - I hope that somebody can decipher the question from it.


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