Is there a formula to work out what size sub driver to my room size ??


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Feb 20, 2008
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I am after a velodine SPL subwoofer and dont mind paying that bit more to get a better sound and get the SPL1200 Ultra. However I dont want to get the SPL 1200 Ultra to find this was actually detromental to the overall sound. See below for room detais

My room is actually an L shape but the rectangle wall to wall area i am sat in is 23' x 11'. However the listening area is half of that (Due to the L) so im not sure if sub choice is down to room size, or listening area ? - the listening area is about 14' x 11' with me sat around 9' from the speaker.

I currently own a Tannoy TS12 running with my Tannoy Signaure revolution spekaers and although the TS does pack a punch, its fairly slow giving a wooly sound. and does not rally reach those ultra low trouser moving frequencies. I want something more focssed and deep and reading reviews the Velodyne seems to fit the bill


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May 21, 2008
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I'm not aware of a calculation as such, but the bigger the driver and cabinet the better really for bass, all other things being equal. I don't think you have to think too much about matching the driver to the room, but just go with one you think sounds good.

In my previous place the listening area was about 11' x 13', but opening out into a dining / kithcen area that made the room approximately 25' x 11' overall. I have a Tannoy TS300, with only a 10" driver, and it was fine in there.

BTW TS300 probably isn't the deepest sub, but I find it great, and quick, certainly enough enough for music, but both depth, slam, and agility improved when I changed amp brand, and also when I moved the sub in the room, so might be worth thinking about that if you haven't, or something like the antimode sub equaliser which may make your current sub sound better.

Not so much of a worry for you as you have bigger speakers, which should go fairly low, but if you get a new one you need to keep an eye on how it performs higher up the frequency range as well.